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About Mens Step Up

In 2000,  Kelly Talamo had a vision for a unique approach  to studying God’s Word — and the first Men Step Up venue was launched in  Alpharetta, GA. 

The premise is simple: the Word of God is made relevant  to men every time a lie is unpacked with the Truth. 

Our mission is to create environments where men step up to the truth. WE BELIEVE that every spiritual problem a man has can be traced back to a lie the World suggested, and he initially bought into.

WE ALSO BELIEVE Jesus when he said: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” (John 8:32). Wouldn’t it make sense to identify the lie, apply the truth, and be set free? We think so.

Weekly Study Example

Baggage - part 4

I don’t know where this “thing” came from.  I don’t even know what you call it.  It’s this goofy looking icon with a crown that says “Keep Calm” followed by and _______.  I’m sure it helps to a degree, but when I think I’m about to miss a flight, lunch appointment, or worse, a payment of some kind, that logo doesn’t come to mind. Fixing the problem does. 

I know we’re not supposed to worry. I get it.  And, I’ve never been a “worry wart.” (whatever that means) For the most part I believe I really do trust God.  But as I dig into the word of God and study this topic, it causes me to take a closer inventory of my daily activities. And to my chagrin I see anxiety, and worse, anxiety over things that really don’t matter!  But how can that be, I ask myself.  Can I claim to trust an invisible God with my eternal destiny, while at the same time worrying about tomorrow’s provision with a refrigerator full of food? I’ll be the first to admit, that’s messed up!  

Is there a “cure” for anxiety?  Well as much as I’d like to offer one, I can’t.  Being anxious (or not) hinges on split second moments belief; which for most of us comes in and out of focus.  Can’t you relate to the guy when asked by Jesus if he believed, “Yes Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief.”  What an honest guy!  But while there’s not immediate cure, there is a process that can swing the pendulum way over the right side

Join us this week at the North Point Diner as we explore a plan to battle lust.  The battle is as old as mankind itself and just as real as your drive to work this morning. 

In it with you,


About Kelly Talamo

As  a horticulture major with a love for design, Kelly started a landscape  firm right out of L.S.U..  After winning awards in residential design,  he become a key player in the booming Atlanta apartment market,  partnering with commercial developers such as Trammel Crow.

With a passion for people and a gift to communicate, Kelly left  landscaping to train at Triaxia Partners, an Atlanta based consulting  firm, where he learned valuable team building skills and mastery of the  DISC Profile. In 1995 he launched a consulting boutique that focused on  personal leadership development and keynote speaking.   

Kelly has served clients such as Aflac, Bayer, Bell South, Coca-Cola,  Deluxe Checks, Kohler Corp, Russell Jerseys, Verizon Wireless and many  others. When asked how he landed such great clients his answer was  simple. “I did the little job well and the phone kept ringing.”  Kelly now invests his time writing, teaching, speaking, and coaching leaders.

In 2000, he founded Men Step Up, a non-profit that has helped thousands  of men live life, lead families, and run their businesses - through the  lens of truth.  Today Kelly invests with several leaders in running weekly Men Step Up gatherings in the Atlanta area.

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